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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I first contact you?

We will give you an overview of the diet and answer any concerns you may have about your own health issues. We will help you decide if this diet will be a good fit for your goals and your lifestyle.
Should you decide to make an appointment for a consultation, we will email you your Health Profile to be filled out online. We ask that you email your Profile back to us prior to your appointment to give us time to review your medical history before you come in.

Are there any health conditions that would prevent me from following the Ideal Protein Protocol?

These patients may not participate in either dietary protocol, but they may purchase Ideal Protein foods to supplement their diets. Although the Ideal Protein Protocol has some very beneficial aspects with regard to cancer (decreased insulin levels, insulin being a growth factor, decreased sugar load (cancer’s “preferred food”) and an emphasis on an alkaline pH) there could be a risk. Certain cancers may be stimulated by hormonal changes, particularly female reproductive cancers such as breast, ovarian, and uterine.

Because levels of estrogen may transiently increase during the weight loss phase of the program, estrogen receptor-positive tumors theoretically could be stimulated. Again, explicit written consent must be obtained from the patient’s oncologist before contemplating the weight loss protocol.


This patient population should never be placed on ANY weight loss diet or a diet restricting complete food groups – unless specified by their OB / GYN. That being said, we would suggest their OB / GYN do a fasting insulin level and assess the mother’s nutritional status with respect to carbohydrate intake. Insulin levels (fasting) above 10 micro units/ml may be indicative of insulin resistance and a restrictive carbohydrate diet may in fact be warranted. 

Again, explicit written permission must be obtained by the patient’s OB/GYN managing physician. Of course, these patients may use Ideal Protein foods as a nutritional supplement, but not part of the calorie-restricted protocol. Nursing mothers must receive written permission from the BABY'S PEDIATRICIAN to participate in the Alternative Protocol.

The kidneys are extensively involved in acid / base balance and gluconeogenesis, two processes which play a major part in the Ideal Protein Diet. For this reason, severe kidney dysfunction is a contraindication for the program.

NOTE: This is not a complete list of health conditions. We will review your medical history thoroughly when we review your written Health Profile. Please feel free to call us in advance if you have a specific medical concern.

If I decide to sign-up, what is the next step?

We will set up an initial consultation time with you.  Please allow two hours for this first appointment. During this time, we will review your medical history, explain the diet in great detail, ask for your level of commitment, take your baseline measurements, and help you select your first two weeks' supply of Ideal Protein foods.

How should I prepare to start my diet?

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself about your level of commitment to restoring your body to health. You need to make this decision primarily by yourself and for yourself. To demonstrate your own commitment to yourself, you can start by following a few of the essential healthy eating habits: cutting back on the "white" carbohydrates and sugars, drinking lots of water, reducing your caffeine intake, and eating three portion-controlled meals every day. 

What can I expect from my coach?

Your coach will be available to you almost anytime by phone and email to answer your questions, offer support, and help steer you to success. She will also contact you directly to follow-up on your progress, especially during the first few days. In addition, you will come into our clinic once each week to review your progress with your coach. These weekly visits may be as short as 15 minutes, if you are in a hurry; but may run longer if you have more to discuss.
What is your background?

Ruth and Nina are certified diet coaches for the Ideal Protein Diet. We also have over 12 years' experience with Low Carbohydrate dieting principles and products. Oversight is provided by our medical director. We also have access to excellent medical professionals through the Ideal Protein corporate offices. We will also encourage you to inform your own physician about your participation in -- and success with -- the Ideal Protein diet. Any advice we give you must be understood to be our educated opinions only, and must not be construed as medical advice.

Does this diet include pills?

In addition to the Ideal Protein foods and your own healthy groceries, yes, you will be asked to take our high-quality vitamins and supplements. The Ideal Protein supplements are an essential part of the diet; they are meant to protect you while you are reducing your weight. Don't worry -- you will love how they make you feel! If you are already taking supplements, we will ask that you set these aside. You will have the option to resume them after you have reached your weight loss goal.  

If you are taking prescription medications, you will continue to take these without interruption.  However, we will encourage you to visit your doctor periodically to see if your dosages should be adjusted as a result of your weight loss. 

What about exercise?  
Although regular exercise is certainly a healthy choice, it is not essential for weight loss.  In fact, heavy exercise can be counter-productive when you are following the strict Ideal Protein Phase 1 protocol.  

If you are currently doing very little exercise or very light exercise such as walking or stretching, you may continue at your current level.  
If you are doing more than this and feel dependent on it, we'll ask that you cut back during the first three weeks of the diet, and then phase some exercise back in. The important thing is to avoid sweating or being out of breath.  (Get someone else to mow your lawn!)

How much does the diet cost?  

The Ideal Protein diet foods contain extremely high-quality proteins. Of course, these will cost more than bread and potatoes and rice and the empty snack foods that you may have been eating. Healthy foods always cost more that empty foods! The benefits for your health and well-being, however, are priceless. We will readily share pricing with you when we talk to you by phone or in person.

May I buy the Ideal Protein foods on the Internet, and do the diet by myself?

No, and no. This is a medical weight loss protocol. Our commitment to you involves making sure you follow the procedures exactly so that your weight loss will be healthy and safe. We cannot help you be successful unless we are in touch with you on a regular basis. Part of our job is to teach you the tenets of healthy eating so that you will have the knowledge, skills, and habits to maintain your weight loss after you have reached your goal weight.

May I transfer to your clinic?

Transferring to our clinic is not a problem. Ask your current clinic to give you copies of your paperwork (health profile and your weigh-in sheets). If you cannot get your paperwork, you must fill out a new Health Profile which we will review with you.  

Please Note: We sell Ideal Protein diet products only to those dieters who are receiving coaching services from us. If you are working with another clinic and wish to purchase from us, you will be required to switch to one of our coaches. At the same time, we trust that other clinics will not sell products to you unless you decide to switch to one of their coaches.  

What are your hours of operation?

We are available by appointment only -- weekdays, evenings, and most weekends. In most cases, we will be able to accommodate your busy schedule!

Where are you located?  

Our Silver Spring clinic is located near University Blvd. and Arcola Avenue, about half way between the Washington Beltway (495) and Wheaton, Maryland. We are on bus lines from the Silver Spring, Forest Glen, and Wheaton metro stations. (If you drive, please park in our driveway.)